Thursday, December 10, 2009

Where To, Lady?

You know in the beginning the Irish women's movement was about families and children as much as women. We talked about things like bringing the baby to work, or getting women back to breast feeding. There was a touch of earth motheriness about us, because we were also deep in hippiedom: herbal remedies because we did'nt want to make our babies antibiotic junkies, yoga for toddlers to calm them down without punishment, home births and water births because we did'nt want pregnancy treated as a disease. My take on those things has changed a bit, but that's hardly a betrayal because the Irish women's movement has changed a lot: changed from a unicorn into a dragon. Now, well it seems it's all about helping women to get away from children. Think of it - contraception, childcare (by others), now, maybe, abortion. All ways to remove the baby from the woman's life. Who'da thought woman hated babies so much?

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