Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Guilt of Giving Up Pleasures

Rachel Gray at her blog Infused Knowledge (Losing weight during Lent) asks the searching question:
Have any of you ever used Lent as motivation to go on a diet?
Her answer is pointed, for me anyway, as I need the whole force of the Catholic world behind me before I can give up the sweet stuff.

It could be argued that you lose out on the spiritual merit of a fast if you're doing it to look good, because you have received your reward in full in this life. But you know, that's still better than my method, which is to gain weight before Lent (three pounds this year) by telling myself I can eat whatever I please because the fast is around the corner!

Nice one, Rachel - a little guilt, a little encouragement.
So it is with just a small few qualms (tiny, tiny amount) that I say I am giving up sweeties until Easter Sunday, by which means I hope to purge my sins and find my lost waist .

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