Thursday, March 25, 2010

Abuse Finder General

There was a sort of Catholic woman once whose lips were constantly pursed, whose eyes were sharp as claws and who hated enjoyment, especially enjoyment of the Catholic religion. She made children adopt horrible, uncomfortable poses in church, and set gruelling, weird essay questions, never let young people handle anything of value and had no eye for beauty whatsoever. My mother always said of such a woman, 'There's a great Calvinist lost in her'. For she was, indeed, a puritan, and catholicism was the field of her puritanical mission. There were many such women once. They rarly became nuns, in my experience, just trials to the rest of us. And where have the gone - fallen away, like so many others? No, puritans dont give up. Now they seek out paedophiles. They are the Abuse Finders General.

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