Friday, March 19, 2010

What's happening....

Cardinals, Bishops, do not be like the hireling shepherds. Stay with the flock. Those who attack you are the wolves who will scatter us and tear us apart. Stay with the flock. This isn't a political body, where problems are solved by resignations and heads on spikes. This is the Church founded by Jesus, the body of loving Christians, existing both in Heaven and on Earth. Our master forgives us as we forgive each other. So let us all stay together, even the wicked ones. Let us heal together, including the wicked ones, we hope. Sins found out are as nothing to sins undiscovered. Forgiveness should be like the holy water into which we dip our fingers, at every door, as we enter and as we leave.

I cant bear the church to act like a political party. I cant bear it. There have been some terrible people in our church. It survives despite everything. Did He not say that the gates of hell would not prevail against it? We must accept the terrible, wicked, sinful ones and pray for them. A bad Catholic can become good. A weak bishop can become strong.

Christian resignation is a virtue, but resignation of Christian bishops from their posts is not - it is an insult to Saint Peter, an insult to Christ.

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