Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rowan Williams: What a Bum

Rowan Williams, purveyor of priestliness to the English crown. What a bum.

Mr. W., how many of your ministers are paedophiles? Do you even know how many are of them are Christian? You bum!!! Useless, useless, useless hangnail upon Christianity. You didn't mean to cause offence!!! That's what drunks say, the next day, and they carry a bunch of flowers and offer to pay for the damage. But you, sober, thought this was not an offensive thing to say. Do you want to know what sort of people support you? Look in the chat rooms, the Sky news comments site, the gutters where the Catholic haters share their thoughts. Nice, nice company, Mr. W.

What are you - a bumbling old fool who runs off at the mouth, or a professional public speaker used to large audiences and media coverage? If you didn't mean to cause offence, truly, you're just a bumbling old fool of an anti-Catholic bigot. If you knew you'd cause offence but hadn't calculated on the negative response, thought you'd be hailed as a liberator, not a crawling opportunist, then're just a bum.

Ah hell, either way you're just a bum.

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