Saturday, April 17, 2010

Should Catholics buy the Irish Examiner?

I had a shock today when I read the Examiner. There is an anti-Catholic article in it that - well, I can't critique it. It is beyond description. I would ask you to buy it, read it, and let that be the last time you buy, or consider buying, the Irish Examiner. We Irish Catholics have to ask ourselves, at this stage: should we buy such newspapers, should we support the enemies of the Church? Free speech, they claim. Go ahead, speak freely. But if I must suffer your hateful bigotry, must I pay you while you're writing it?

I read papers every day, the morning papers, the on-line papers, the free papers, including all the small ads, and the evening paper that tops off my day. I soak it all in, I agree and I don't agree but I rarely take exception. Now - I'm taking more than exception. I'm sick, I'm shocked, I'm truly frightened. What are they trying to do? It seems they are already planing to take our religion from us. This is no conspiracy theory: I'm just reading the signs here.

Confirmed Catholics must ask, can I have it on my conscience that I aided the enemies of the Church? It has come to this, in our free Republic, alas it has come to this.

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